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07/24/10: Capture Mechanical Stuff

I'm still working on adding to the HG/SS Locations (writing the Where and Notes information for all the locations across all five fourth-generation games is taking some time), but meanwhile today I randomly went and fiddled with the capture mechanics section for the ilcoeth time: all the technical stuff about Y and wobbles and all that has been moved below the explanation of the formula for X (under the heading "Throwing a Ball"), that technical stuff has been updated with a much prettier simplified formula for Y, and some bits have been generally reworded to be clearer. Finally, I went and commented the catch rate calculator Javascript, for no particular reason except that commenting code is good and I need to do more of it.

Of course, I'll be continuing to work on the HG/SS Locations and am hoping to get a more finalized, easy-to-use version up by the end of the month at the latest.

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No, there's no bonus. The game program is just comparing the species number of the two Pokémon.

[31/07/2010 16:41:18]

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I love the work you've done on the capture mechanics page, but I have one question about Love Balls. You say the bonus only works for opposite gender and same species. Well, what about Pokemon that only have one gender, but opposite-gender counterparts? The Nidorans, Wormadam and Mothim, etc. My guess is that there's no bonus in those cases, but it's worth asking.

[31/07/2010 16:12:00]

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