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07/23/11: Wall of Shame

I went and put a few thieves up on the Wall of Shame, since I've been really lazy with it for ages, the people who took the time to report thieves really deserved not to have their efforts just ignored, and I figured it looked a bit silly just there being empty anyway.

The new fake Pokémon guide is in progress; it might be finished by now if not for the fact I got roped into doing an example review exchange at the Serebii.net forums and I never seem to be able to anticipate in advance just how long and detailed my fanfiction reviews can get. So basically I'm going to be spending a few more ages finishing that before I can get back to the guide, but I really do fully expect to finish it within some reasonable amount of time.

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Commenting on: 07-23-11

The Freewebs ones are frozen now.

[27/07/2011 06:33:28]

Website: Altered Origin
Commenting on: 07-23-11

Hah. I know where… a lot of those other sprites come from, actually—several sites/games that I've worked with, actually. Nice. Ohaithur, Abyssus and Cosmion.

I long for the day when my own work is popular enough for people to steal on a semi-regular basis. Probably won't happen until there are more sprites of 'em, but still. :p

[25/07/2011 14:37:46]

Website: Imaginario Disfraz
Commenting on: 07-23-11

You're the first site I've been to where you actually remove the thieves after they apologize for stealing. I thought that in itself would make people realize that yes, you hate when they steal your work, but also that you don't brand them as a thief for years.

I haven't had experience with theft of my work, but from what I gather about most thieves is that they really like your work and want to be as good. Other times, they have no clue that they are stealing. It's still wrong though. :|

[24/07/2011 15:41:51]

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