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07/19/07: Ugh.

Let me just say that I am very sorry for the lack of real updates in July. As I have said, I have been working, but too little on things that could be put up immediately. And on Saturday I am leaving for the International Mathematical Olympiad in Vietnam and will not be back until the first of August.

However, I did add a couple of D/P Changes since last time, and (rejoice, rejoice) I just finished writing chapter 36 of The Quest for the Legends - however, it's five AM and I'm going to bed now. I'll proofread it and put it up tomorrow, I promise.

UPDATE EDIT: After some consideration, I temporarily took down the guestbook, just because trolls have been running rampant at the forums trying to spoil the last Harry Potter book and I believe I and many others would be quite upset to wander into a guestbook only to discover it's got a huge spoiler in it. I made this decision especially because I got the fifth book spoiled for me in my own guestbook, and would prefer not to have that happen again.

So yeah, no guestbook until I get back (and will presumably have finished the book, as well as most people).

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