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07/16/18: HTTPS

This site has supported HTTPS since November 2016, but I've now made the full switch to redirecting all traffic to HTTPS. I never did that originally because this site doesn't have logins or anything, but various arguments have now convinced me it should still always use HTTPS. So now, cancerous ISPs or hotel Wi-Fis can no longer inject ads or malware into the site when you view it through their network (I'm sure browsing Pokémon websites is what you do on every hotel Wi-Fi). Let me know if you have any issues with the new configuration.

I'm currently working on making a generic version of the Favorite Pokémon Picker that can be used and customized by anyone to make pickers for your favorite non-Pokémon things. Stay tuned.

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Luca Wight
Commenting on: 07-16-18

With relatively few beta pokémon, I think it'd be nice to have the option to have them mixed in with the normal ones. But however you do it, I'm looking forward to it. I just can't bring myself to not consider them pokémon, or not consider them canon. I see them like official pokémon, but just unacknowledged like Missingno and the like. And of course Missingno isn't supposed to be seen, but it's encountered as a pokémon, so I see it as just a very volatile, strange one.

[26/07/2018 23:04:00]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-16-18

When I'm done with the generic picker, I'll make one for the beta Pokémon!

[23/07/2018 20:59:14]

Luca Wight
Commenting on: 07-16-18

Will the demo gs pokemon be put into your pokemon picker? (Like as spoiler pokemon or something) I think Kotora is one of my favorite pokemon now.

[23/07/2018 18:56:21]

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