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07/12/07: :D E-mail back!

Today I received an e-mail from Google in my old clunky e-mail inbox! :D And they conducted an investigation and came to the conclusion antialiasis@gmail.com was definitely mine, so I got it back. Take that, hijacker. And Google owns. I was truly starting to think I'd never get it back.

So now dragonfree.tcod@gmail.com will become a backup account for antialiasis@gmail.com so if anything like this happens again I won't have to live with that awful torg.is e-mail unless both of my Gmail accounts get hijacked. Which is highly unlikely, especially since I'm about to make a completely new, nice, long password that I've never used before and never will again for the antialiasis one.

So now I changed all the references to my e-mail address back. The ones I could find, anyway. Yay. :3 (And yes, this means the crossword solutions are all back - however, since it's this far into July already and I've yet to receive a solution with all the answers correct in any case, I'll let you have until the end of July anyway.)

I also added the part about Surf hurting your partner in double battles to the D/P Changes section and slightly modified the FAQ for the ilcoeth time.

*goes to read to all her 95 unread e-mails*

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