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07/09/07: New e-mail

Okay, Google hasn't contacted me about my Gmail account yet and I absolutely despise my old e-mail's interface (not to mention the complete lack of spam filters), so I created a new Gmail account which may become permanent if Google does not read my abuse report. Please direct all e-mails to dragonfree.tcod@gmail.com until further notice. I have also updated all references (all I could find, anyway - if you find any others, please notify me) to my e-mail address to this one.

This naturally includes the send address for the crossword and error reports, so I hope all you crossword participants have still got your solution to the June crossword somewhere, or else can remember your answers. I'll give you until the end of July to re-complete the crossword; of course, if I get my old Gmail account back, both entries sent to the old and new one will be considered for the judging. If you sent any error reports in July, I recommend you send them again now.

Let's hope this all eventually has a happy ending...

Oh, and chapter four of Morphic is up. It might offend some people, but please just read all those huge honking disclaimers and realize that none of what the characters say or do has anything to do with my own opinion on any subject.

UPDATE EDIT: I finally reorganized and added to the Fic Art section of the Quest for the Legends minipage.

UPDATE EDIT (2): And by the way, if you couldn't tell, this means you also need to resubmit affiliation requests, fanwork, etc. Which may actually be a good thing, because it might motivate me to actually put some of it up to not have 60 mails waiting for me.

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