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07/08/05: Sorry for the lack of updates...

I haven't been updating lately since Nidokingu came to visit me and I've been spending time with him instead of working. (Of course, me being the workaholic I am, I've still been working a bit after he has left in the evening, such as by tweaking parts of the writing guide around for the billionth time (or should I say Ilcoeth?).

Anyway, I moved the June updates to the old updates. I haven't been able to work more on that site history section because annoyingly, TPM went down and although the forums are technically back, the old threads haven't been retrieved yet so I can't check my sprite thread. Somewhere within its 50 pages I should be able to find a) when the site was moved to the London server and b) when I became unable to update the London server exactly.

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