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07/07/09: Um.

Sorry for the lack of updates, especially since this is not even technically an update. The thing is that I'm still having problems accessing the actual server and until we can get that fixed, I won't be able to actually update the live version of the site. Yes, annoying.

But if you've found your way here anyway, I've finished chapter ten of Morphic now. You know, Morphic. That fanfic I was writing that I last posted a chapter of in November? Yeah, that one.

As for why I haven't been updating otherwise, well, my time seems to have kind of run away from me. Mostly it's my being unhealthily obsessed with Flight of the Conchords, formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo, and both their TV show and various hilarious songs. Listen to Albi the Racist Dragon, seriously. And if you're old enough to appreciate it, Business Time.

UPDATE EDIT (07/09/09): Okay, we got the server fixed and this update is live now, so yay for that. I also remade the About Me page because I randomly felt like it; it still says a lot of the same things, especially at the beginning, but I added some bits in and took some out.

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Commenting on: 07-07-09

I'm just waiting for Butterfree to announce, after much speculation, that she didn't actually make a change and wanted everyone to tear their hair out trying to find it. :D

[30/07/2009 21:05:20]

Commenting on: 07-07-09

I found out about Morphic over at tvTropes and was instantly hooked. A great idea, well written and really deep. Glad to see it's still alive!

[28/07/2009 09:02:30]

Commenting on: 07-07-09

Aww, you took out the part about Corn Flakes. I loved that part of the About Me section.

Otherwise, hurray for the server update… thing!

[11/07/2009 19:49:57]

Commenting on: 07-07-09

A Morphic Chapter is a good an update for me as anything. As long as it's not dead.

[11/07/2009 19:08:45]

Commenting on: 07-07-09

Yay, new Morphic chapter! *reads* Wow it's getting very interesting, I can't wait for more chapters!

[11/07/2009 04:12:07]

Commenting on: 07-07-09

Yay! Finally chapter 10 of Morphic is posted :) (Goes to read it)

Otherwise, Glad the server is fixed up.

[10/07/2009 20:55:14]

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