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07/04/15: More Stat Modification Information

I got a helpful error report pointing out something I'd missed in the R/B/Y stat modification section, namely that Full Restores will only reset your stats if the Pokémon is at full HP, because then the game will pretend it's a Full Heal - otherwise, the status will be cured but the stats will be left alone. As I was adding that into the section, I also realized that I'd neglected to account for the fact the AI using healing items is not really using healing items, so they also work differently (specifically, they never reset stats). So I rewrote the bit on curing status effects into a single section listing which ways of curing status reset stats and which don't, and also edited the calculator accordingly.

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Always love to see updates to crazy game mechanics articles. Eagerly anticipating an article covering non-Gen I Safari Zone mechanics.

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