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07/04/11: More

Added those B/W Changes and tweaked some of the Sections that Suck entry I added yesterday to make my point better. And here is a sneak preview of the new fake Pokémon guide that I said I was going to make in 2009, which I am actually making now damn it. Unfortunately, however, I have decided to disregard the Site Poll on the matter since the fact I have absolutely no longing to create sprites and updated movesets for that silly Malkee line is the main reason I put off rewriting the guide in 2009, and we all know where that led me. Sorry, but the Malkee line is officially going obsolete. I may recycle them in some form at some point in time, but if so then only with heavy modifications.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-04-11

Hybrids and type-changes aren't really proper fake Pokémon, so no, they will not be addressed. I do ramble a bit about sources of inspiration, though.

[17/07/2011 05:05:41]

Commenting on: 07-04-11

Do you plan on addressing Pokémon hybrids, type-changes, or sources of inspiration in your Fakemon Guide?

[17/07/2011 01:19:49]

Commenting on: 07-04-11

Oh, in the B/W changes section… there isn't anymore level 100/50 wi-fi battling, as far as I could tell. Makes me sad. Because I liked it.

unless I'm just stupid and you somehow already found it…. or you put it in there and i missed it, either way.

[11/07/2011 21:04:08]

Commenting on: 07-04-11

If anything you should take the Dark-type one and make it a stand-alone. That was my favorite.

[07/07/2011 17:34:47]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-04-11

I very rarely delete anything completely. The old guide will most likely stay where it is, with a huge honking link at the top saying "this guide is bad and here is the new one".

I don't like abandoning things I've done already, but I am given to redoing them because I think they're terrible, and I never quite considered the Malkee line something I'd done since I really did create them just to be examples in my guide; they weren't something I considered myself to have worked on, per se. Heck, the only one of them I ever bothered to draw in any form was Tigris, and I didn't even properly design Malkee or decide whether its name was spelled Malkee or Malkie. They were really halfhearted, thought up off the top of my head just because I wanted examples for my guide.

[07/07/2011 10:10:50]

Commenting on: 07-04-11

I liked the Malkee line…I kinda found some of your concepts interesting. That's why I voted for making sprites of them, since I'm the type who doesn't like to abandon anything she's done already.

Also, are you going to keep the old guide up somewhere, or delete it completely?

[07/07/2011 01:40:54]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-04-11

Oh, I've wanted to put Malkee on the chopping block for years - I just felt like if I had a poll in the first place I couldn't just decide not to do what it said, which in retrospect was rather silly.

[05/07/2011 10:38:06]

Leilana, Malkee fan
Commenting on: 07-04-11

I was the biggest Malkee fan ever.

[05/07/2011 09:32:54]

Plastic Box
Commenting on: 07-04-11

Haha, I was actually one of the people who voted to abandon Malkee + co., though the wording probably inclines people towards the less.. 'inflammatory' options. Of course I know it's all in jest and that's why I clicked it anyway cough

The way I see it, the majority of voters were kids who'll latch onto any old idea? That's why there's dA pages with a million OCs, not even getting into the quality of them. When we really buckle down, the driving concept behind the Malkee line was to demonstrate the creation process, and we've got to be honest here: seven evolutions or however many is going a bit overboard, just to tell people what a water or dark type generally looks like. You've got to be real harsh with your ideas at the chopping block (oops, just using the 'general you' there), because there's basically infinity of them, and less so of you.

I do wish I'd mentioned this earlier (and maybe it'd have influenced you, even?? hehe), but by the time I realised it the poll was maybe a year old, and I figured that was far too late. Ahh, irony… probably not irony. Basically, I say it's the best choice, and here's hoping the rewrite chugs along swell now.

[05/07/2011 08:55:36]

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