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07/04/04: Must... play... Colosseum...

I've spent the majority of the weekend (plus the bit of Friday evening I had after the Gamecube had been set up and all that) playing Colosseum Story Mode, loving that music and getting it stuck in my head. I need to use headphones because my parents are getting tired of it (although before that happened, I saw Dad humming the bad guy battle theme so I guess he liked it), but I don't feel anything like that for some reason and keep loving 90% of the themes in the whole game, especially the Cipher Admin Battle. I mean, I found the Miror B. battle theme on VGMusic.com before I got the game and I thought I liked that, but nooo, that game is packed with absolutely wonderful music that makes Miror B's theme plain dull in comparison.

...Ahem, I can't keep going on about the music forever, but actually I've been far too busy with Colosseum to do anything for the site at all. A review of the game should be coming as soon as I can rip myself away from the TV for long enough to write it, but the only thing that's updated now is the Almighty Random Poll.

Did I mention that I love the Colosseum music?

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