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07/02/07: E-mail gone

It appears I've gotten locked out of my e-mail. I'm starting to suspect somebody somehow found out my passwords, because this has been happening with various accounts that I have recently - I got my account at my forums back after a short crisis, but my Gmail absolutely refuses to log me in. There is a chance I may have changed my password and then forgotten, so I'm giving it the five-day wait it requires before you can get back in with your security question, but meanwhile, please use my old e-mail, hlinonnu@torg.is, which I cleaned out a few thousand spam messages from for the occasion, if you have to e-mail me.

Oh, and I should probably mention that a couple of days ago I finally added the Emerald cloning trick to the R/S/E Tips and Tricks section.

No crossword yet, sorry. However, I have been working on stuff; it just happens to be stuff in big sections that are down for revision. And then I've been planning ahead for my NaNo for November, since I'm pretty desperate to get to 50,000 words this time, and writing chapter 36 of The Quest for the Legends.

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