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07/01/06: Whee, 700,000 front page hits.

And I'm one step closer to one million front page hits. Fwee. Speaking of front page hits, I actually randomly made a page explaining why I'm counting front page hits and not unique visitors or pageviews on the whole site.

Crazy as I am, it's probably not surprising that I actually wrote a mathematical approach to EVs and natures. It's just a theoretical article that probably won't have much practical use, but hey. It's fun. To me, at least. Then again I'm a person who looks at a waffle and starts thinking about what a large surface area it has compared to its volume, so don't mind me.

When I added it to the menu, I figured that the page I already have about EVs and natures didn't really belong under "Hoenn" since it's in more games than just R/S, so I put it directly under the Pokémon Games category. Then, since I was editing the menu anyway, I changed the "Do not click here" link to "The Marquee of Doom". I don't have anything against you clicking there after all, and it was probably making people think it was an array of annoying alerts.

Now, because of course I love doing just about every Quest for the Legends-related thing except writing chapter 32 (*chased by rabid fic fans*), I spent a couple of hours piecing together a reply system that I added to the comments system on the Quest for the Legends minipage. Basically, it allows me to put an italicized reply on the bottom of your comment if I need to answer a question you asked or something. Now you can also enter your e-mail address when you write a comment, and if I reply, you will get an e-mail telling you that I replied. (It's just that I've been figuring people don't seem to come back to see if I've replied a lot.) I also fixed a glitch in the pages thing there where flipping to another page of comments would give you that page of the comments for all the chapters instead of just that particular one.

Lastly, I judged the June crossword - on time, gasp! - and would like to congratulate Romberguy and Raposa, Iveechan and Watergod for winning first, second and third place, respectively. This crossword was actually a very close race; Romberguy and Raposa had all 21 answers correct, but both Iveechan and Watergod followed closely behind with 20 correct, only separated by the time at which they were submitted. ank1494, the fourth place winner, technically knew 20 answers, but misspelled one crucial word which bumped them to fourth instead of the second place that they would otherwise have seized - ank1494's entry came before both Iveechan and Watergod's. All in all there are five "honorable mentions", which means eight people got more than half the crossword right. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the number of people who were so close. :) Let's hope I'll manage to finish the July crossword quickly.

Now I need to draw a new splash page. Of course, I have no idea what to put on it.

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