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06/30/20: G/S/C Locations

There is now officially a Gen II Locations tool for finding encounter information for the original Gold, Silver and Crystal games. Technically this has been sort of working since the database update the other day, but I just made it work properly and put it on the menu.

Alongside this, I updated the location tools in general a bit; they're now finally within the site's main layout, and the UI is smoother to use with less clicking required. The update's not entirely perfect (I really want to also replace the autocomplete functionality, and make the forms take up less vertical space), but this'll do for tonight.

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Commenting on: 06-30-20

@Sam: I would dearly like to! The problem is it's immensely awkward to add new data right now. I hope to get this rectified in the future.

[10/07/2020 18:54:22]

Commenting on: 06-30-20

Thank you so much for your hard work! Do you have plans to include locations tools for gen 6 and beyond?

[10/07/2020 04:14:54]

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