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06/30/19: Capture calculator improvement

By popular demand, I've added a feature to all my catch rate calculators: you can now see results for every Pokéball at once, ordered by success rate.

Right now this is a bit clunky; if you select the "Show all" option for balls, it just shows the ball-specific options for every type of ball. This is not ideal and not how I want it to look - all the extra fields most of which are irrelevant for most purposes just make the whole thing seem cluttered and overwhelming - but figuring out what the interface should actually ideally look like is being a headache, so I figured I might as well make the feature available already even if it's not perfect yet.

Because of this, the "Show all" option is (for now) only the default in the R/B/Y calculator, where there are no ball-specific options; for the other calculators, a regular Poké Ball is selected by default, but "Show all" is the top option and you can select it.

Alongside this update, I also made it a bit clearer in the G/S/C calculator in particular when the result is affected by the truncation glitch, not just when the game can freeze, since showing it as if it were a normal result was a bit misleading.

Thanks to everyone who's given feedback on the catch rate calculators!

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Commenting on: 06-30-19

The clunkiness is mainly the sheer number of options for at least the Gen VI/VII picker - for your average person, getting twenty form fields shoved in your face just looks intimidating and overcomplicated, and when half of those fields are in fact not going to be relevant the vast majority of the time, I'm very reluctant to make that the default.

The chance of catching it within so and so many balls is really just a way of expressing the previously stated probability in terms that might give a more practical idea of what that probability means. I think it's kind of awkward in the first place to give a number of balls for the turn-based balls, because you set a specific turn - by the next turn, the conditions have changed, so of course the result you got based on the previous turn number no longer applies! I could guess that you're going to be throwing more of the same balls on the next several turns, but why would you necessarily - after all, if the Quick Ball misses on the first turn, would you really go for another Quick Ball next turn in the first place? If you're using Timer Balls on a sleeping target, at some point the Pokémon is going to wake up and you have to spend a turn putting it back to sleep rather than using another ball - there's no way the calculator can account for that, but it still means that a result based on the idea you throw a new Timer Ball on every subsequent turn is not actually going to be accurate.

Really what I'd want most is a better explanation of what I actually mean by this chance of catching it within so and so many balls, but it's hard to think of an explanation that'd make sense without being incredibly lengthy and, again, making all this really confusing to the average user.

[04/07/2019 16:42:51]

Commenting on: 06-30-19

This is really cool! I don't think the "Show All" option is as clunky as you think. Since they're ordered from most likely to least likely, and change order upon checking different boxes, it makes sense to me.

One thing that's odd though: for Quick Ball, it says something like "You have a x% chance of capturing it per ball. Thus, you have at least a x% chance of catching it within 1 ball and at least a x% chance of catching it within 2 balls." This doesn't make much sense to me given that on the second ball, the chance would change.

[04/07/2019 12:41:46]

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