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06/29/04: You'll never guess...

I will soon be getting something that starts with a C, ends in an M, and has an L, two S's and the vowels O, another O, E and U.

For those of you no good at anagrams, I'm getting Colosseum. Or rather, "Pokémon Colosseum Mega Pak Bundle", to be exact, which means, for those of you who don't know what that is, that it includes a Gamecube, the Colosseum itself, Box, a Gamecube controller, a Gamecube/GBA link cable, and a memory card. It was ordered from Amazon this Sunday and will arrive here tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. I can also happily announce that buying it from Amazon that way, VAT and shipping included, costs me less than going to our local computer store and buying one Gamecube and one Colosseum, with no other extra stuff at all. Things are expensive over here...

Therefore, expect quite a few Colosseum-related sections soon.

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