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06/26/07: Wow, this site has been neglected recently.

I'd better explain myself. The reason I've been so suspiciously absent during the month of June (this being only the third update of the month and the only noteworthy updates of the previous two concerning fanfics and the crossword) is that I'm a participant for Iceland in the International Mathematical Olympiad this year and participation includes up to seven hours of training every weekday until the contest. It doesn't help that this means I can't keep up my habit of staying up long past midnight and tend to be tired when I get home, which has led to my general lack of doing anything noteworthy since it started.

The reason I updated now is that at least I did something: it is now possible to actually change your style cookie, for example to Articuno Snowflake style, by visiting the URL http://www.dragonflycave.com/styleswitcher.aspx?style=articuno, with "articuno" being replaced with any of the style IDs. Very small and useless since we have the drop-down, I know. I guess the only thing you can do now that you couldn't before is actually set your style cookie to Oldie style, which you could only do before by manually editing the cookie since it wasn't in the drop-down. But hey, it's something.

Oh, and somebody from the math team dared me to make this, which is a completely pointless HTML table with cells manually colored so that the outcome is an exact replica of my Scorplack sprite, so I spent a couple of hours on that today for no good reason except I felt I had to try that.

I have, however, as usual when I'm finding myself out of time to work on the site, been overflowing with ideas, so when I actually get around to it I'll hopefully get something done. That math training is keeping me pretty busy, though.

That and I've recently become unhealthily obsessed with Pink Floyd and spend far too much of my time raving about The Wall on IRC.

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