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06/24/12: More Catch Rate Calculator Tweakings

Before I get to the Safari Zone mechanics, I went and made more changes to the catch rate calculators. In addition to further rearranging of the code, they now all (like the second-generation one) calculate the chance properly for every possible HP IV instead of just assuming the Pokémon has an average IV and that that chance is approximately the average chance. Also like the second-generation calculator, there is a "Show detailed report?" box you can use to choose whether you want to see the chances for each IV or the actual average chance given you have no prior information about the IVs of the Pokémon.

They all come with caveats about how the detailed report is usually not very useful, but what the hell, it's fun and more precisely accurate. Note that if you've viewed any of the capture mechanics pages recently, you may need to hard-refresh (usually shift+refresh) in order for your browser to load the updated scripts.

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