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Bleh. This is going to be the third weekend in a row when I'm not in town to do anything. I'm just hoping I'll manage to finish that June crossword before July. -.-

Either way, I added a new feature to the splash page which you may have noticed when you came here - if it detects a style cookie, it will redirect you straight to the news page instead of making you click "Enter" on the splash. Now, you may have gone "Wait a minute!" just now, because you probably clicked the link just above which took you to a perfectly fine splash page despite you definitely having a cookied style, but that's because with ?redirect=no at the end of the URL, the splash page will stick around until you actually click Enter. This is mainly because if you're interested in looking at the splash image when a new one is put up, I'll be able to link you there without you having to clear out your cookies first. (The "Splash" link on the menu will also link to the non-redirecting splash page.) This will hopefully save you some time when you come here.

I might note that this is a nice redirect that doesn't break your back button. If it did, I wouldn't have made it.

I also decided that having Minimal Dewgong as the default style all the time was a bit dull, so now all nine styles are featured at some time of the year, depending on the Reign in the Zodiac, no less. Right now it's the Reign of Moltres, so the default style is Shiny Ninetales style. As for the others? Well... you'll have to find out. ;)

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Super Dewgong Fan
Commenting on: 06-21-06

Put Dewgong back as the style all the time! Just when I was starting to love Dewgong, I came at Spectrum time and I'm used to it now.

[06/03/2010 17:49:34]

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