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06/19/07: Happy birthday to...

...The Quest for the Legends! On this day exactly five years ago, I created a Word document named "pokémonsaga.doc" and typed into it "Mark lived in a very small village". Approximately 700 pages, 300,000 words, 120 chapters and eleven revisions later, I still haven't given up on it. Stubborn, aren't I?

For the occasion, I meant to write a fifth anniversary special, but since people repeatedly went conspicuously quiet when I asked for ideas, I didn't manage to get anything of worth done on that. Instead, I revamped the minipage, giving it a style switcher of its own where you can switch between Chalenor and Chaletwo style, Chalenor being dark and Chaletwo light for everybody's ease of reading on the brightness their eyes prefer. Of course, the printable version is still there, too.

Also a happy wedding anniversary to my parents, who got formally married that very day. :P

UPDATE EDIT: Okay, the minipage should be working properly now with no cookies set. You can stop sending me error reports.

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É is a perfectly normal letter in Icelandic (as are á, í, ó, ú and ý as well as ð, þ, æ and ö). Our keyboards have a special accent key, pressed before the actual vowel.

[01/07/2010 08:42:06]

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how did you get the accent in there poke'monsaga

[01/07/2010 01:25:59]

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