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06/15/04: Poll results = I have some fun.

Have I ever told you how much I love watching the results of the Almighty Random Polls? This one I find extremely interesting to watch, seeing as the poll subject wasn't random (as in that I actually care about the result). I'm really enjoying looking at the poll, seeing a few more votes each time and continuing my psychological research of how many people are too afraid of hurting my feelings if they say anything negative (yeah, I'm very interested in that kind of stuff, believe it or not). Oddly enough, the most popular pure negative option is the one I expected to be the least popular, the one saying it was all a completely worthless waste of your time. The reason I thought it was going to be an unpopular choice is that somehow I can't picture a person absolutely loathing what they're reading and not thinking it's getting any better, yet they still read to the end of it. Isn't it weird? I'm really surprised that there isn't a single vote for "I tried once, but what I read was so bad I stopped" - to be honest, I believe that if I was trying to read it now, I'd have stopped somewhere in the middle of chapter two, or even sooner. I myself voted for "The beginning is bad, but it gets better as it goes on" - an option I really expected more people to vote for, seeing as it is definitely true. I also hoped for "Urgh, that title sounds bad..." to be a bit more popular seeing as the other probability if I saw it now would be that the title sounded so clich I wouldn't bother reading it at all.

As for the ten people (so far) who never got around to reading it - I recommend that you go to some of the forums I'm posting the How Much More Revised Can It Get? version on. Seriously, I just re-read chapter 20 recently, and it was even worse than I remembered it. Seesh, the last revision of it was so rushed, I even referred to Charmeleon as "it" at least once if not twice. At least I'm doing a decent rewrite of it now... you know, I think I'm going to take it down and just ask people to read the new one...

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