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06/14/15: And Still More

Even more Favorite Pokémon Picker updates! (I promise I will do something else soon.)

There are now not one but two filtering options allowing you to select your favorites from a subset of the existing Pokémon: you can include or exclude each generation individually, and you can now choose to include only final evolutions.

A couple of notes on this. If you're in forms mode, all mega evolutions count as being from the sixth generation, and all other proper forms in general as being from the generation that introduced that form. Females for those Pokémon with a gender difference, on the other hand, even though they were technically introduced in the fourth generation, are counted as being part of whichever generation first introduced the Pokémon. These choices are somewhat arbitrary, but make more instinctive sense, I think, than the other options - feel free to let me know if you disagree.

Also, if you pick the final evolution option, you should see any Pokémon that doesn't evolve into anything in the generations you're including. Thus, if you include the first generation but not the second, you'll see Scyther, because Scizor isn't included. This does lead to one (and just one, unless I'm overlooking something) situation that's slightly counterintuitive: if you select the first and fourth generations, but not the second, then both Porygon and Porygon-Z will show up, because Porygon's own evolution isn't included. If anyone is actually bothered by this, I can go make it so Porygon won't appear if Porygon-Z does, but somehow I rather doubt it.

There have also been some invisible changes behind the scenes - I think I've fixed a bug that came up occasionally where the picker could stop showing you Pokémon eventually (I think; I've never managed to consistently reproduce it so I can't say for sure, but let me know if you do bump into it), and Mega Aggron used to be misidentified as "Female Aggron" but should now be automatically corrected in your data when you visit the page.

Probably the most extensive change here, though, is that I've overhauled how the picker stores and works with data. Originally, the picker always worked with arrays of Pokémon objects, each holding all the data the picker knew about that Pokémon; this simplified the logic a little at the time, but it meant redundantly storing a lot of unnecessary information in the user's browser. As I added features to the picker, this originally simplifying setup started to just become cumbersome and get in the way, and as I was adding the new filtering capabilities (which added to the information stored on each Pokémon), I realized it was more than time to rethink this. Luckily, the change seems to have gone extremely smoothly, and your data should be automatically silently converted to the new format next time you use the picker. It doesn't appear to have broken anything in my testing, at least, but there may be something I missed, so be on guard for any new bugs.

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Commenting on: 06-14-15

Thanks once again for taking the time to work on this. Kinda a weird case where you don't expect people to be using the Picker daily or anything like that but at the same time when they do use it they will get the best experience out of it thanks to you. It is a site feature that is only useful when you need it but when you need it then you really need it and to my knowledge only your site have anything like this (that is well made anyway). I hope you will keep on working on it but at the same time I realistically can't possibly see what more you could add to it at this point. I really just wanted to show my thanks to you as it is the very least I can do seeing how you spent so much of your free time to give it amazing updates without expecting anything in return.

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