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05/27/08: Update Commenting

I'm in quite a working-on-site mood these days, aren't I? Now I randomly modified the guestbook to add a crude update commenting system - basically, you can now comment on specific updates or view comments about specific updates. This also prompted a revamp of how my updating works; while they're still written manually into the front page file, I've now made some functions that write out the update header and comment links for me according to the date which I now only put in once. (Otherwise I'd have to put it in in four different places, which I would undoubtedly keep forgetting or making a typo in.)

The update comments appear on the normal guestbook view too, so this is just a convenience for making sure comments on updates don't get lost in the random chit-chat.

I also think I fixed some bizarre error in Torkoal style in Internet Explorer 6; being, however, that I don't actually have IE6 on my computer anymore, I haven't been able to test this thoroughly.

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