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05/20/18: Magikarping

This morning I got some automated server error e-mails about Magikarp: the Gathering, involving a chance that visiting the "save point" while not actually playing the game would break the page. I have now fixed this, and while fixing it I got a bit carried away and made several other tweaks to the game: some minor text/instruction changes, the notice telling you when you're playing the game and how much time you have left is now a bit fancier and nicer-looking, and the bits where Butterfree talks to you are now, in Modern and Voice of the Forest (Celebi) style, formatted to look kind of like speech bubbles. (They're a bit nicer in the other styles too, but I don't quite have the patience to implement the speech bubble thing for each one individually right now, besides that it wouldn't work quite right anyway in the old browsers most of those styles were designed to work in, so this'll have to do.)

The new ninth movie review should be actually coming soon; I've just somehow managed to have all my free time evaporate lately.

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Commenting on: 05-20-18

It was a chance that the page would break (one in twelve)! Perhaps you got lucky.

[28/06/2019 08:18:29]

Commenting on: 05-20-18

Weirdly enough, I was using that page as a bookmark regularly (even before this update), yet the page seemed fine. Maybe it was me? :P

[27/06/2019 17:50:07]

Commenting on: 05-20-18

LOL magikarp the gathering is a really funny name xDDD

[24/05/2018 13:02:23]

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