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05/20/12: Capture Mechanics Stuff

Well, I promised the second-generation capture mechanics this weekend, so although I didn't have any luck testing the division by zero thing and realized a couple of other things were tentative after writing that update the other day, here it is. I've marked the tentative stuff to the best of my ability and will try to get around to getting it straight as soon as possible. I didn't put the page on the menu for now since that stuff is still uncertain, but it will go there when things are cleared up.

Meanwhile, magical was looking into the fifth-generation capture algorithm and discovered a couple of tidbits: in the fifth generation, the Quick Ball gives a 5x bonus on the first turn, and sleep and freezing have a status multiplier of 2.5 rather than 2. These things have been corrected on my fifth-generation capture page.

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Commenting on: 05-20-12

Oh, that explains why the Quick Ball almost never failed in BW XD

[27/05/2012 04:25:36]

Commenting on: 05-20-12

Huh, that addition to Sleep and Quick balls totally explains why the roaming legendaries were so easily to catch. It almost has a 1/4 chance with a Quick Ball while asleep and False Swiped.

[23/05/2012 03:23:26]

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