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05/17/04: New sprite gallery!

The new sprite gallery has been put up. Unlike the old one, it does not have a right-click disabling script, because I was getting tired of all the people trying to be smart by "informing" me that there were ways around it. Also, most of the art thieves just seemed not to have read the text properly and believed they were free materials (oh, why can't people just read the text?), and I decided to be a bit nicer than before by allowing *some* usage. Therefore, this gallery has a big, red box containing Terms of Use, which no living person could possibly not notice, and additionally it has a command to all search robots not to index the page or anything on it, which will probably prevent people from finding my sprites on Google (altough, for safety, I did put a special warning in the Terms of Use about how "I found them on Google!" is not an excuse). However, this means that I depend a bit on you, my visitors, to catch art thieves, since even the ones who don't know how to get around right-click disabling scripts can get to them now. Basically... every time you see somebody breaking the Terms of Use, inform them of it, and if they ignore your warning, alert me of it. If you see somebody using what could be my sprites, but you're not sure, alert me first and show me the sprite they were using. And, of course, don't steal the sprites yourself...

Wait, I forgot one thing... some sprites don't show up because the sprite database hasn't been updated since I fixed them. The database will be updated very soon.

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