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05/15/04: Hmmm...

I put that "now I'll never use Cave style again" option in the poll, but I didn't really expect anybody to vote that. I dislike Umbreon, but that doesn't stop Dark blue style from being my personal favorite... (Please don't tell me that Umbreon RULES and "how could I hate it", I've had plenty of that and all it did was making me dislike it even more.) Anyway, it's none of my business if you hate Misdreavus that much, but really, if you did use Cave style sometimes (meaning you liked it), does one Misdreavus picture in the top banner really ruin it THAT much?

What I'm basically saying, don't let a Pokémon you hate ruin a style you like. I'd probably use Dark blue style even if somebody had put a Kingdra on it...

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Now I have to use Spectrum because Cave is gone! I absolutely love misdreavus…

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