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05/13/19: Now do that again in live action

I've put up my review of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the franchise's first live-action film! This one's a bit different from my usual movie reviews - this one's still in theaters and I've only seen it once, so instead of the usual detailed synopsis and good/bad analysis, I've written a more standard sort of movie review, plus a spoiler section to discuss the plot in more depth. I hope you enjoy! (The review is spoiler-free up to the "Let's Talk Spoilers" heading.)

Additionally, I recently made a Patreon, mainly because the pricing was about to change so it was my last chance to make one with the legacy pricing. If you'd like to support the site, or anything else I do, you can pledge a monthly donation there. I have no plans of making anything exclusive to patrons, but if you do pledge you can get some drawings and influence over what I do as a bonus. I don't really ever expect this to be a serious source of income for me, but it's there if you feel like chipping in.

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oh shoot, didn't realize the formatting and didn't pay attention to Butterfree's comment in my previous message. Silly mistake, agh!

[17/06/2019 19:52:10]

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I'm also interested in what Zowayix asked. I haven't really reached a conclusion about it myself and would like to hear some other opinions of it.

[17/06/2019 19:51:21]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
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I'm dismayed by this decision, but much more dismayed by the absurdly over-the-top vitriol and uncharitable misinformed entitlement of the fandom response to it.

[15/06/2019 20:37:54]

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Not related, but what do you think about Masuda's comments during the E3 Treehouse? (That Sword and Shield will only have Galar regional dex Pokemon programmed in, and non-Galar dex Pokemon won't be transferable.)

[15/06/2019 11:40:40]

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