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05/06/08: x_x

Hey, guys. Been a while.

So. Why hasn't there been anything new in some three weeks or so? Well, firstly, I've been sick. Very sick. The sickest I've been in my life, in fact, although having a good immune system, that's not saying very much. I've spent the past week and more having a headache 24/7, coughing my lungs out every now and then, getting an uncomfortable racing heartbeat every evening and hardly sleeping at all (although I did manage to cough out the pointless little feature of making shiny Pokémon appear occasionally for spam verification in the guestbook, which I'm sorry to say is the only thing I really did for the site in the meantime). Meanwhile I've had to write an essay about exoplanets. It was an extremely unproductive week for me in general.

Now, before I got sick, I was trying to write chapter seven of Morphic and trying to find out everything I could about gunshot wounds in order not to make myself look like an idiot to any reader coming from a country in which firearms are actually legal. That is coupled with the fact that that theory I've been talking about turned out to need to cover a much greater subject than it was originally going to. Basically, I suppose I can tell you now that it was supposed to be a theory of Pokémon gender ratios (i.e. how the heck Bulbasaur can be 87.5% male and so on) explained with genetics, but just as I was finishing it I realized that I was making unacceptable assumptions about Pokémon genetics in general, and I basically had to start from scratch, make a whole theory about how their genetic code is built up and how Pokémon sex cells are formed and then deduce the gender ratios from that. I've got the basic idea down in my head, but I've yet to write it. I probably will do so soon, honestly.

Then there is another big section I'm working on, and that's going to take a while to finish in general because of its very nature, so you need to stay patient for that.

So yeah. This is just to say I'm still alive, apologize for the lack of stuff and talk about more stuff to hopefully get you interested.

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