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05/05/07: And you thought I hadn't been doing anything, eh?

Well, if you did, you were wrong. Very wrong. In fact, I don't think I've ever worked this much on something for the site between two individual updates.

The Cave of Dragonflies proudly presents the VS Seeker, a complete list of all the FR/LG trainers you can rebattle using the VS Seeker; the final Pokémon they have and their levels; their exact locations on their routes so they will be easy to find; screenshots of those locations just to make absolutely sure; and the money and experience you get for beating each and every one of them. What's more is that this is all original research, so I basically spent most of the past week walking through FireRed, VS-Seekering all the trainers in the game (except the ones in buildings and caves, obviously, where you can't use the VS Seeker) until I had battled each of them twice in a row with the same set of Pokémon (meaning they wouldn't level up any further and I could confidently assert that those were the final levels of their Pokémon) and then screenshotting them on my Japanese LeafGreen (and later FireRed) ROM. Meanwhile I should have been studying for my ongoing tests.

Now it's just hoping that this will at least be of some use to somebody, which it may not be, considering that even those of you who haven't gotten D/P yet have probably moved on to Emerald. But as so many sections of this site (such as the Pokémon List Generator and Evolution List), it was made because I felt there was a need for it - that "Damn, I wish I could quickly find somewhere on the Internet all the trainers in FR/LG that level up their Pokémon so I could train my shiny Gengar quicker!" feeling. I did find a couple of guides on GameFAQs containing all the trainers, but those only listed the route as the location of the trainer and then organized them in some random order, which made them practically impossible to use for this purpose without a major headache.

Now, if you're looking for somewhere to train your level 50 Charizard, all you need to do is look at this convenient list, skip to the "Level 51-60" section and find out that it could be a good idea to battle somebody like Bug Catcher Colton, who has two level 51 Butterfree and a level 54 Beedrill. Or, if you want to see if there's a trainer you can battle with your level 14 Spearow so you can evolve it into Fearow at level 20 (here I'm assuming you actually don't just use the old switch-out-on-first-turn-against-Elite-Four trick, which is probably being far too hopeful), you might want to try Lass Ali, the second trainer on Nugget Bridge, who admittedly carries a level 12 Pidgey but also a level 12 Oddish and a level 12 Bellsprout which will be easy prey for Spearow's Peck and give 315 Experience Points total. Or if you're a little more daring with that Spearow, maybe after it's grown a couple of levels, you can see if you can handle the two level 19 Beedrill that Bug Catcher Brent uses and give 1292 Experience Points total. Or if you're just looking for good spots to train some Pokémon to higher levels before they can hold their own against the second round of the Elite Four, that's there too.

By the way, there are exactly 222 VS-Seekerable (yay, new word) trainers in the game. Unless I missed somebody.

Well, whatever. I think this is extremely useful, but that's just me.

Oh, and it's highly likely that there are some mistakes in there, especially concerning the screenshots - I kept nearly forgetting to screenshot somebody, and without a doubt there are some I really did forget. As always, I would appreciate if you reported any such errors.

Now I should stop stalling with the whole style-making thing. And I'm randomly feeling a lot like making that update commenting system I was thinking about making with something similar to the Cave of Speculative Theories script. But I think it would be a lot smarter to go to bed and try to actually study for my math test on Monday.

Is it just me, or is this update ridiculously long?

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