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05/01/06: Poll

Okay, shoot me. I STILL haven't started the crossword. At least I'm delighted to inform you that I've received a bunch of crossword entries. :3 I'm a happy Butterfree now. Since the April updates have been moved to the archive, I'll say it again: if you are going to submit a crossword solution, there appear to be some problems with the dragonflycave.com server and the e-mailing thing, so please use this server to submit crossword solutions. Thanks.

However, the new R/B/Y Tips and Tricks section is up (yup, that's what I've been doing for all of April aside from working on other things), and relating to that, there is a new Almighty Random Poll concerning the section. Please vote.

Hmm. I'm having tests now, actually. Maybe I should just delay the May crossword and start studying.

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