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04/30/06: What the hell?

Okay, at the beginning of April, I decided, hey, okay, I'm going to loosen up on the crossword rules. I'm going to let people submit even if they haven't completed the whole thing. After all, it's only fair to award the best, even if they're not perfect. So I changed the rules. Really nice of me and all.

But what happens? I haven't gotten a SINGLE crossword solution. What is up with you people? Why aren't you submitting at least the one or two just plain obvious words?

This is the last day of April. I haven't started making the May crossword yet, but once I've finished it, I will be judging the April crossword. This is therefore your LAST CHANCE to send in your solutions and win. If you don't, well, you'll have one ticked-off Butterfree who will get her revenge on you somehow. Okay?


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