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04/27/14: R/B/Y Stat Modification

Have you missed my sections about old game mechanics being hilariously buggy? Fear not, because I've put up another one: R/B/Y Stat Modification. It is about how in-battle stat modifiers function and interact in the first-generation games (spoiler: hilariously buggily) and even has a calculator where you can play around with this and fully grasp how ridiculous it is.

I've updated the Status Ailments, Stat Stages and Battle Mechanics sections to reference the new page where relevant; let me know if there's anywhere else that could use a link to it.

UPDATE EDIT (05/04/14): I added a bit about Rage to the stat modification page.

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Commenting on: 04-27-14

That makes a lot more sense! And you're right – "retaining" the status by reapplying it works rather well, since it's one of the few things that actually makes any sense. ^_^;

Thanks for the clarification, and I'm glad I could help you a little! Though ironically, it doesn't help me all that much since I'm using glitches to skip badges in my current run… Still, I'm sure it'll be useful down the road.

[01/05/2014 01:34:41]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-27-14

I edited the text on the buttons to make it clearer what they actually do. Hope that helps!

[30/04/2014 19:58:47]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-27-14

Sending out is actually right now thought as you sending out a new Pokémon (with whatever changes you may have made to the out-of-battle stats applied). If what you're actually going for is sending out the same Pokémon again, retaining the status, it's easy to just inflict the status again after sending out - you'll end up with the same result, unlike if you tried to cure the status after sending out to simulate sending out a healthy Pokémon.

Everything being reset when you set badges is also intentional - otherwise I'd have to invent some purely fictional way for the game to react when badges are gained or lost in the middle of a battle. Which makes that button double as a general reset button.

[30/04/2014 18:17:51]

Commenting on: 04-27-14

I think I've found a small error in the calculator. When I click "Send out" for either side, the Pokemon is completely reset (instead of keeping its status and recalculating stats). The same thing happens when Badges are set, but to both sides. I'd suggest fixing the first one at least, and making a reset button of some kind.
Other than that, it looks good! Thanks for all the cool info!

[30/04/2014 12:27:16]

Commenting on: 04-27-14


[29/04/2014 19:11:49]

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