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Commenting on: 04-21-09

Check your affiliates. You have Eonlight Valley twice.

[06/05/2009 22:11:59]

Website: Vibrai
Commenting on: 04-21-09

You may want to check your affiliates, you have Tsrockin 3 times

[06/05/2009 20:58:58]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

Yay! Starly!

Anyway, another attack that got a cool graphics change is Flash Cannon (just figured this out while re-battling Byron yesterday!).

[27/04/2009 20:38:33]

Dark Shaymin
Website: Ninetales' Den
Commenting on: 04-21-09

I hope I spelled Hippopotas right…xD

Guess which spammifier. No, really, reread the post and guess. xD

[25/04/2009 02:52:50]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

That's a great literal translation, but what the man is really trying to convey when you say no is something more like, "I have a hard time believing you….one just has to look at you [to tell that you like pokemon…]"

[24/04/2009 04:36:41]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

You know what? I think Game Freak does read your site. I don't think it's a coincidence XD

[24/04/2009 03:43:08]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

Yay! The guy speaks French now. If you'd like to add the translation:

"Salut! Tu aimes les pokémon?" is "Hi! Do you like pokémon?."

"Moi aussi! C'est génial!" is "Me too! It's nice!"

"J'ai du mal à te croire… Il n'y a qu'à vous regarder" means "I feel bad believing you… There is only you to look at."

[23/04/2009 21:31:35]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

Unfortunately, the contact thing doesn't work for me, so I'm going to say right here that two more attacks in Platinum that were changed graphically were Agility and Hidden Power. I'm glad you made that list, because instead of looking for the other changes myself, I can just look online! Yay.

[22/04/2009 23:11:24]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

I love the section. I was saying "COOL tapes" all the way through it. Don't tell anyone, but the best way to get a shiny is Poké Radar chains or forgetting about the shiny and not hunting for it.

[22/04/2009 03:07:10]

Mow Rotom
Commenting on: 04-21-09

You solved my case of me never finding Armor Fossils. =) Now if only I had Pearl instead of Diamond… =/

[22/04/2009 02:01:41]

Commenting on: 04-21-09

Good job :)

[21/04/2009 23:23:24]

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