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04/21/04: Gaah... >_<

Sorry I haven't been updating... but now I've got quite a bit, although it all has to do with my fanfics.

  • I put up the prologue of The Quest for the Legends. It was written after chapter 36, actually, but I still put it at the start. It's good; read it if you're a fan of the fic. Or if you gave up because the first chapters were so boring.
  • Chapter seven of The Type Chart has been put up at long last.
  • And... I BabelFished a paragraph of it. It's hilarious; read the result here.

Aaaand... although it's not exactly an update, the remade sprite gallery is almost ready. Technically it is ready, actually, although there's a small database error and I need to make it look a bit neater, but it works. I'm not giving you the link, though, seeing as there's no no-right-click script on it. *growls at art thieves*

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