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04/12/10: Voltorb Flip

My SoulSilver arrived, so I'm afraid I haven't been working on that movie review. On the plus side, however, the HG/SS Changes section is well underway, there are several new bits of In-Game Humour, and I've just finished a Voltorb Flip guide created because most people don't seem to be taking the logic of it more than halfway. This game is not mostly luck, people! My guide doesn't even mention guessing until nine tenths down the page!

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-12-10

Yeah, I've been to level eight as well since I wrote that. I got there from level seven in the Celadon Game Corner, but my boyfriend got there from level five as well. I have no idea how that works.

[25/05/2010 05:26:10]

Commenting on: 04-12-10

Great guide; very well-made and helpful.

Just a little note in response to level 7 being the last one: It actually isn't. One time, after playing level 5, I went up to level 8, won it, stayed there, lost it, and dropped down again. I don't know if level 8 is just a random occurrence, but it definitely exists.

[24/05/2010 22:33:28]

Commenting on: 04-12-10

Level 7 is the last one? Oh wow, I never knew that, because I could never beat it… but I shall. I've taken down Minesweeper and Sudoku, so I think I can definitely take down Voltorb Flip on ultimate difficulty.

[16/04/2010 02:11:52]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-12-10

Since level seven is the last one, there isn't exactly much of a "how far" beyond that…

[14/04/2010 00:29:38]

Commenting on: 04-12-10

That Voltorb Flip guide is pretty detailed, and I love the pictures. They make everything clear as day. But of course that's as if I didn't already figure out the game myself. Hehehe. (Oh, and I just lost The Game.) In any case, this game is definitely not for kids.

By the way, since Butterfree seems to now be an expert on Voltorb Flip, I wonder how far she's gotten.

[13/04/2010 21:23:37]

Commenting on: 04-12-10

Concerning the guy who calls discrimination, he was in Platinum, too. But he looked like a Painter.

[13/04/2010 19:17:13]

Commenting on: 04-12-10

About that guide: I'm not sure whether you just compiled tips from other people, figured all that out yourself, or did a bit of both, but… Butterfree, I hail you. OTL This is why you went to the International Maths Olympiad and I didn't. On the other hand it's probably obvious with a bit of Edumacated Thinking, which I've never been good at.

Must mention that in rule #5, "one fewer squares" could probably be better-worded as "one less square". C: But a seriously impressive article, anywho.

[13/04/2010 02:16:11]

Commenting on: 04-12-10

I wandered into the game corner while level grinding an Eevee in my friend's HG, as I was one of the sad, sad individuals who had not gotten the game yet.

Curious, I played the Voltorb Flip.

Damn, did I get hooked. At first I played it kind of stupidly, but then realized that it was like sudoku x minesweeper x awesome. I think it's really cool that you wrote this. I'd already been using the first few rules straight, and had pretty much been applying the others, but not as rigid-standardized rules in my head, so it's helpful to see them generalized like that.

[13/04/2010 02:00:38]

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