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04/08/07: The future of TCoD is in your hands...

Well, not quite, but you will get to influence my priorities by voting in the Site Poll that now replaces the Style Poll (I figured that it was more sensible to split the polls into temporary polls asking for opinions regarding the site on one hand and random polls for fun on the other). To explain the new ideas presented in it (which I sadly don't think are all of the ones I thought of recently, but they're the only ones I can remember now):

The Ultimate Type Tool
That type script I updated about on the fifth with a bunch of options and features which would basically allow you to check the effectiveness of any attack type on any type combination, find out possible type polygons (if any) of any size you feel like, figure out the combined weaknesses/resistances of an entire team of Pokémon, and whatever else I think of putting into it (feel free to contact me if you have a good idea).
The Quest Blog
This would be a blog on the Quest for the Legends minipage chronicling my progress on new chapters or basically anything I feel like talking about regarding the fic, replacing my LiveJournal as a medium for it.
Game Mechanics
This would be a section focusing on explaining the many formulas found in the Pokémon games, with special attention to the stat formulas. It was inspired by a website that apparently claimed base stats were "the Pokémon's stats at level five", one that claimed base stats were "a Pokémon's level 100 stats with no IVs or EVs put into them" and last but not least by Serebii.net's laughably inaccurate IV guide which seems to be misinforming young webmasters in a most unfortunate manner. I guess it would be kinda similar to Serebii's Game Mechanics sections, except it would actually be right.

"Chapter 34" refers, of course, to chapter 34 of The Quest for the Legends version ILCOE, which fans have been anxiously waiting for since... October, I believe.

So yeah, go vote.

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