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04/07/12: Correction

Somehow it took me this long to realize that I'd gotten 2003 and 2004 mixed up on the April Fools' joke archive. I've now corrected the mistake; the joke I said was from 2004 was actually from 2003, while 2004 appears to have had no joke.

I also realized that I'd forgotten to remove the translation function on the update comment links, so adding ?lang=is to the front page URL would randomly switch those to Icelandic as well as the Zodiac. Though I guess that was vaguely amusing, I've removed it now so that the Zodiac is the only thing affected by the easter egg as I'd intended. (Can you even call it an easter egg if you talk about it in public? I'm not sure what else to call it.)

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Haha, sounds good. A nice, fair set of rules will ensure a good site!

And also, good idea with the shiny spam verification. I now feel tempted to post lots of comments to see if I can get a shiny! :D

[13/05/2012 01:08:45]

Commenting on: 04-07-12

a passover egg?

[09/04/2012 20:14:53]

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