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04/07/09: Going

We're going to Switzerland (yet again) tomorrow, this time with Shadey (:D), so I won't be here. We'll be back next Tuesday.

I'm working on the Platinum Changes section (it's got things that Serebii missed and is more sensibly organized!), and Eevee is going to lend me his Spline database for making a Platinum Locations section once he's done extracting the location data. Platinum Vs. Seeker should be coming sometime after that, followed by an experiment with honey trees that I meant to do on Diamond but gave up because you could only buy one Sweet Honey at a time.

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Dark Shaymin
Website: Ninetales' Den
Commenting on: 04-07-09

Have fun in Switzerland!

[20/04/2009 12:51:24]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-07-09

…uh, no, I didn't. Unless you mean the lack of article before "Platinum Vs. Seeker", which was a perfectly deliberate lazy stylistic choice.

[20/04/2009 10:28:55]

Website: Igloos and Dumbbells
Commenting on: 04-07-09

GASP! Butterfree made a grammatical error! I think….

[20/04/2009 04:08:33]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-07-09

That would be because I have not yet finished anything I could update with.

[18/04/2009 17:38:16]

You're late
Commenting on: 04-07-09

You're late updating

[18/04/2009 16:06:46]

Commenting on: 04-07-09

Hiya! I've been a fan of this website or a while, and I hope you have fun in Switzerland. I've never been there before. =P

And yes, my name is from the band My Chemical Romance. o_O

[13/04/2009 14:24:32]

Dark Shaymin
Website: Kaiuu Adoptables
Commenting on: 04-07-09

Have fun!

[12/04/2009 21:55:35]

Daughter of Mew
Website: Cavern of Mew
Commenting on: 04-07-09

Switzerland? Nice. I like it there, they have good chocolate.

[11/04/2009 00:01:56]

Commenting on: 04-07-09

Oh, hey, Switzerland, eh? (Did I just rhyme?) Oh, and congrats on the big milestone! That charizard is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

[08/04/2009 09:27:24]

Commenting on: 04-07-09

Experiment? Testing what exactly?

also Switzerland is boring after a bit if you've gone there 10 times before >.> Nice the first few though

[08/04/2009 01:30:28]

Commenting on: 04-07-09

I hear that Switzerland is great, and has a very good landscape! Have a good time! Who will be looking after the site, though?

[07/04/2009 19:58:53]

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