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04/05/07: Type pentagons?

Just a pretty small update. Firstly, if anybody missed the April Fools' joke, it can be found here. Whenever the update page was visited on April 1st, it would redirect to that unless it had ?aprilfools=seen at the end of the URL (which was added to the link on the menu so people could access it from there once they were in). Note that there is an "About TCOD" page, and that on this page it says that "TCOD Solutions" in an April Fools' joke; amazingly few people seemed to think of actually looking at that page.

Anyway, I fixed a small mistake in the Zodiac (which would have come into effect tomorrow by showing the wrong Reign if I hadn't fixed it), added to the Art Thieves, Click Here (and fixed one of the IE7 incompatibilities, namely that apparently its security settings refused to let people input a password in it), tweaked one and added one Fun Fact (after creating a type-triangle/square/pentagon/whatever-generating script which managed to creep out everybody in the unofficial IRC channel when I showcased it and from which the title of this update is taken) and added to/tweaked the FAQ some. I'm thinking about putting some controls on that script and allowing people to use it, making it function as a type chart and calculator of utterly random things like type octagons at the same time. In fact, my head is so full of ideas for this site that I have no time to put into action that it's about to explode. Argh.

I was also thinking about editing the menu, removing the "Tools" section under Webmasters (they aren't really specifically webmaster tools) and instead combining the tools with the Guides and changing that section's name to "Resources" or something like that. Opinions in the guestbook, anyone?

I've fallen a bit behind on my e-mail again thanks to feeling more like doing other things for the past few days, but I won't let it get up to the hundreds again, I promise.

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588 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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