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04/03/20: Sutoraiku High upgrade

Hope you're all enjoying my ridiculous yet completely serious Scyther dating sim, Sutoraiku High. I've now upgraded the game's engine to the latest beta release, which contains a lot of new features including the ability to rapidly skip dialogue by holding down the spacebar (I suggest you don't overuse this too much, though, or you'll miss some of the lines that change depending on what you've done previously) and a log of what has been said.

Unfortunately, as the new engine's saves appear to be incompatible with the old engine's, this means any saves you had will no longer work. This shouldn't matter that much; it's not that long of a game, and especially with the handy spacebar skipping, so long as you remember the choices you made it shouldn't take long to get back where you were. However, I felt it was right to give you a heads up. If you're in the middle of a playthrough, you may want to hold off on refreshing the page.

Please let me know if there are any bugs or errors. (If you already played, you may have problems on mobile browsers that aggressively cache scripts and don't have an easy way to hard refresh like Shift+Refresh in desktop browsers. Unfortunately, you may have to clear your browser cache, which you can Google how to do.)

I'll try to do a proper writeup about it on the April Fools' Day page, as well as giving the game a more permanent home on the menu, sometime tomorrow.

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