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04/03/10: Capture Mechanics

I've updated the Capture Mechanics page, both to add in tentative HG/SS Apricorn ball information (though I'm kind of suspicious of it at the moment, as the only information on the subject I could find looks like it's simply copied from common fandom knowledge at the time of the original G/S/C), refine the catch rate calculator a little (now you can enter any percentage for the current HP as well as specifying 1 HP) and update the D/P/Pt information with corrections from a_magical_me, who actually disassembled the game's capture routine to find out that, gasp, Dusk Balls don't quite reign supreme to the extent the fandom has been trumpeting since D/P came out, and Quick Balls actually only give a bonus on the very first turn of the battle, and actually Nest Balls and Timer Balls have a smoothly changing capture rate instead of it changing every ten levels/turns. Why does the Pokémon fandom always have information confidently repeated everywhere that then turns out to have been wrong all along? You can see why I'm very iffy about those HG/SS catch rates. I would go do some testing myself to try to clear this up, but unfortunately my SoulSilver has not yet arrived. :/ But eh, the preliminary info is at least something, and a_magical_me was going to take a look at the HG/SS capture routine, so hopefully that can be updated to be accurate soon enough.

Ah, well. I think I'm going to go work on the eleventh movie review now, so that might be up in a few hours, but don't count on it.

EDIT: No movie review, but I did update the capture mechanics page again, since it turns out the game really treats the Pokémon's four attempts to break out of the ball realistically: that is, it stops generating random numbers as soon as one of them is greater than Y and allows the Pokémon to break out. This doesn't actually affect the final capture rate, since that still requires the game to generate four numbers less than or equal to Y, but it does affect the chances of each number of wobbles and makes a lot more logical sense than the way I was originally led to believe it worked.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-03-10

Yeah, my SoulSilver arrived, so I've been a bit distracted writing both the HG/SS Changes section and the Voltorb Flip guide I'm hoping to put up later, but then I'm continuing with the review, really.

[12/04/2010 23:31:57]

Commenting on: 04-03-10

Aww, no movie review yet?

Cause that's the best Pokemon movie (not best regular or animated movie) since Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

[12/04/2010 23:19:57]

Commenting on: 04-03-10

Wel, I see the error from before's been removed.

The one that meant it could come up with "Infinity% chance per ball; 0 Balls needed on average."

Yeah, I find things like that.

Shiny Abra for the Spam-Thingie! :D

[04/04/2010 21:18:32]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-03-10

Actually, that would fit just fine with the Heavy Ball specifications as they stand - while adding 20 or 30 to the catch rate of an easy-to-catch Pokémon isn't much, it is astronomical when it comes to legendaries with an intrinsic catch rate of 3. After all, a 4x multiplier will only elevate that to 12, while adding 30 brings it to 33, making it a whole eleven times easier to catch.

[04/04/2010 17:44:53]

Commenting on: 04-03-10

I'm so glad someone is finally looking into the catch rates, I've been feeling they weren't quite right. Particularly the Love ball. The thing seems downright useless, almost as if it never works. And I have a hunch that they may have made a few balls more effective, like the Heavy ball and possibly the Lure ball. I actually caught Groudon on Soulsilver with only 2 Heavy balls!

[04/04/2010 06:14:16]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-03-10

Take a ROM, have some hacking skills, find the capture routine in the game program, ta-da.

[04/04/2010 02:46:29]

Commenting on: 04-03-10

How exactly does one go about finding the exact capture formula?

[04/04/2010 02:24:25]

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