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04/02/19: Sutoraiku High Postmortem

As I think most of you figured out already, Sutoraiku High was an April Fools' Day joke, and it has now been added to joke archive with some background and explanations. I will actually be adding at least a bit more to the game, though, since I am a perfectionist and I didn't actually quite manage to finish the game to my liking. The writeup has a link to the tag on my Tumblr where I'd post whenever that's ready, as well as any possible future updates.

I hope you all enjoyed the game! Next up, finally continuing the rudely interrupted work on my new eleventh movie review.

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The idea behind the rule about keeping your scythes sharp is actually that it's a rule against torture and inflicting unnecessary suffering - if you hang out with Sickle on day two, the main character mentions that a sharp scythe hurts less than a blunt one.

I appreciate the interest! I'm not going to steal ideas from players, though; you're going to have to play more when it comes out to find out what happens. :P

[04/04/2019 23:04:20]

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Day 3:
Nightmare brings a bunch of Metal Coats to class as well as several Devolution Sprays (from the TCG). The main character, Sickle, and Nightmare have planned this beforehand. Nightmare tosses a metal coat at the main character and Sickle. The main character pincer-locks the leader's scythes. Now that the leader is stuck, Nightmare tosses another Metal Coat at him. The leader gets angry and tries to attack but is still stuck and in self defense the three scizor attack the leader. He faints. Razor, Shadowdart and Stormblade are still just spectating. After the leader comes back to the Pokemon Center, the 3 Scizor reform the school.
Nightmare: We are here to give a better set of laws instead of the code.
Main character: The Leader does not uphold the code and it is not good for society so we have created a set of laws that will not be considered "sacred".
First of all, you can be either a Scyther or a Scizor. We have devolution sprays and metal coats so you can choose.
Second of all, there will be no discrimination based on anything.
Third of all, you should always be ready. This is like a generalized version of the "always sharpen your scythes" rule.
Fourth, The code is not sacred anymore, and if you think you have a way to improve it, please tell us.
Also, we will learn more than the Code in school. [Here comes the choice: you choose what subject you want to teach: skills as a Scyther like flying, skills as a Scizor like pincer locking, and general academics. The others will teach the other stuff]

Then normal after school stuff
There are a lot more people at day 4
blah blah blah
just some bad ideas

[04/04/2019 10:35:18]

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Hands-down the funniest part of the announcement post was the note about Bitcoin.

[02/04/2019 22:05:16]

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