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04/02/11: April Fools (take two)

As some of you had started to suspect, yes, that Morphic sequel was also a joke. I'm afraid I haven't actually started the real Morphic sequel, so unfortunately this was not a prelude to giving you that, unlike last year's joke. But hey, you got two joke chapters out of it!

You shouldn't really feel too stupid if you thought the second one was real, because unlike both Espeon's version and the fake chapter 53 of The Quest for the Legends, this was actually meant to fool people; the characters were in character, after all, and on the whole the plot was very, very me. I'm sorry to those who actually honestly liked it and are disappointed that it wasn't real, but really, nothing good would have come out of it.

I also wrote up a little 'making-of' for this year's April Fools' joke as a whole, explaining how this whole idea came about and why there were two fake chapters.

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Commenting on: 04-02-11

yer as good as ever in fanfic…. *sniff*

[05/04/2011 22:49:41]

Sands Buisle
Commenting on: 04-02-11

Knew it!

Too bad you didn't have a chapter to show us though, that would have been nice…

Anyhow, looking forward to reading the sequel!

[02/04/2011 16:37:32]

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