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Arylett Charnoa
Website: DeviantArt
Commenting on: 04-01-15

Speaking frankly, I really do like this style and am glad that the only annoying thing about it (the huge banner) has been fixed. I browse a lot from my phone nowadays and I think it's really awesome. I agree that the banner art is beautiful.

Kinda silly that it took an April Fools Joke for this site to join the modern age , but I'd say it's one of the best I've seen as it legitimately made an improvement rather than being an obvious and somewhat pointless prank. (Not a fan of April Fools myself) Although I did appreciate the jab at over the top market speak, as I really find that irritating and it's just so damn common nowadays.

But yeah. Good job on the layout! It has inspired me to infuse a little more modernness into mine.

[02/04/2015 18:31:56]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

You'll change the site back after April Fools' Day, right?

[02/04/2015 12:07:34]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

LOL; got me for a minute there! (Wonder if this comment will show up or not)

[01/04/2015 23:25:57]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

quite pleased to see the direction this website is going! good luck for the future, DRAG!

[01/04/2015 22:05:17]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

Ooh, nice! This is great news. XD

[01/04/2015 12:05:47]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

Ooh, nice! This is great news. XD

[01/04/2015 12:05:46]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

charizardscooltailflame thinks "You Won't Believe These Bizarre Glitches Elite Hackers Have Discovered…" is LOL, WIN and YAAASS

[01/04/2015 12:04:49]

Commenting on: 04-01-15

DRAG strikes again! Nice one. lol

[01/04/2015 04:00:57]

Website: Poliwager
Commenting on: 04-01-15

I've been waiting for a big change to The Cave of Dragonflies for a while now! Wow! I love the new look, and I loved the new article even more. What a great one, so detailed and everything. Keep it up, Daybreak Recreation & Activities Group Productions, Ltd.!

[01/04/2015 02:22:48]

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