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The Day of the Backpacker in the Reign of Lana, Season of Akala Island: Alolan Zodiac!

The new Zodiac is finally up! The Alola region is a little different in a number of ways, so it felt appropriate to make the Alolan Zodiac a little different, too: instead of a Pokémon zodiac, it's a human zodiac, featuring the trainers of the Alola region! I hope you enjoy the new zodiac and backstory, and of course, as always, you can generate an image representing your birthday and show it off around the internet.

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Commenting on: 03-31-17

All the best. Beautiful Zodiak

[26/03/2018 14:27:34]

Commenting on: 03-31-17

You made an Undertale reference.

But yeah I got a good laugh out of this, I like it. Nice one.
Merry April fools.

[01/04/2017 15:42:39]

Commenting on: 03-31-17

Ha! You got me for a while, I'd completely forgotten about April Fools. :P

[01/04/2017 14:32:33]

Commenting on: 03-31-17


[01/04/2017 08:01:13]

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