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03/31/07: Yay for stuff.

Firstly, I've read all my e-mail, answered all the affiliation requests, and rated all the sites! Much yay for that. Or well, I've got one left that I forgot first.

This directly resulted in quite a few ideas for "Webmasters" sections and a revamp of the Site Rater section as well as a whole bunch of fan-sent content and a few corrected errors, and more indirectly in some tweaks and additions to the FAQ and the decision to randomize the affiliate list so that all those poor people I've only affiliated with recently will get their fifteen minutes of fame in the top half of the affiliate list. Both Polursine's Theory on Pokémon Evolution and Apocalypse Raichu's Pokémon Genetics Theory have also been updated with corrections and additions from the authors.

Most of the stuff I've been doing is coding-related, actually. I've been moving a lot of code over to the compiled codebehind files, which should be making things a little faster. I allowed selection of "Use Default" as the style on the splash page and made that the default option, which should help with preventing the annoying "the site is all white and it needs colors lol" I get (which I suspect may be partly because people didn't change the selection of "Minimal Dewgong style" in the splash drop-down when they entered). The default styles have also been made so that they will properly carry over to the guestbook and forums, which they didn't before. The randomization of the affiliates I've already mentioned.

I also updated the Pokémon List Generator and Sprite Generator to have the English names of the D/P Pokémon, solving the problem of the inconsistent information by picking and choosing. See The Cave of Speculative Theories for details.

Lastly, I put up one new section: the Wall of Shame. Just me being ticked off at art thieves and getting all mean. The usual stuff.

There are also style bugs in IE7 that I need to fix, but haven't gotten around to yet.

Like my April Fools' joke? I know this update is dated March 31st, but that's because if I update shortly past midnight I count it as the previous day.

UPDATE EDIT: Is anybody else who uses Firefox having their style randomly reset when they view the guestbook? o_O Switch to a style other than Voice of the Forest and view the guestbook - if it's showing up with Voice of the Forest's light green background, please post in the guestbook to tell me.

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226 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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