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03/29/12: Advertising

Having gotten fed up with the fact nearly everyone I speak to in real life who finds out I have a website subsequently asks if I have ads on it (and then why I don't), as well as the regular influx of people e-mailing me because they think they can get me to put some tantalizingly irrelevant links on my site for a hundred bucks, I have added a FAQ item about that. Although somehow I don't get the feeling those would-be advertisers actually read the FAQ.

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Just gotta say that I'm entirely with you on advertising. I've always despised it, and on the web it seems all the more obnoxious–trying to browse without AdBlock (or even on Chinese sites, where the filter list I have doesn't work well) is just so much more unbearably ugly than if the ads are masked.

I really appreciate your choice not to have ads on your site and wish it were more the norm. It's surprising to me that you get so many people bothering you about it!

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