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03/28/09: Explorers of Time review

Aaaaand here's the review of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time.

I also got Platinum today after getting my boyfriend's father (who lives in the US) to buy it for me. Expect the Platinum Changes section soon. Also, I'll try to finish that crossword.

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Commenting on: 03-28-09

I enjoyed the plot twists the game had to offer (And on the side the fact that they actually used Gender spesific Pronouns mad me happy XD) but the negitive aspects of the game had me wanting to throw my friend's DS against the wall (I don't have my own so I borrowed it from her after she finished the game)

I can't wait for exploreers of the sky to come out in the Us, What i've seen of it it looks awesome

[06/04/2009 03:37:11]

Mr. Meep
Commenting on: 03-28-09

It would appear that you don't liek Mudkipz. =P

…Seriously, though, that review pretty much summed up all my thoughts on the game. Thanks for a good read!

[01/04/2009 22:19:01]

Commenting on: 03-28-09

My least fav part about Time was the fact of moves such as supersonic, which was worse than sleep, multiple hit moves like fury swipe, and the gummies. Oh, I despised the gummies. The amount of gummies it took to get my Blastoise to I.Q.5 in Blue got my Charmander in Darkness to I.Q. 1.5.

[29/03/2009 11:50:50]

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