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03/27/10: Small Stuff

I've been making some minor modifications, specifically correcting some errors, adding a little bit of In-Game Humour, and adding a section about the pronouns I use for Pokémon to the About the Movie Reviews page. Sorry about the lack of HG/SS Changes; I think it would be better to do it once I have the game, and since Iceland is marvelously behind in these things and apparently won't actually have it until two or three weeks from now, I gave up and ordered SoulSilver from Amazon. It's supposed to get here sometime in the first week of April. Look forward to it.

I've also more or less decided that in addition to the actual movie reviews, I also want to review the two feature-length special episodes, namely The Legend of Thunder and Mewtwo Returns. I'll probably put off those reviews until I'm done with all twelve proper movies so far, but yeah, unless something changes I'll be doing those as well. Before I wasn't sure I could actually do them thanks to my difficulties finding a subbed Japanese Mewtwo Returns (and it would be kind of awkward to review just one feature-length special out of the blue), but since I finally did, it's a lovely excuse to add to the upcoming review queue.

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Commenting on: 03-27-10

I feel your pain ><; I live in Iceland too, and I hate how it's so behind on these things ;^; Can't wait to get HG, though <3

[28/03/2010 18:22:51]

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